Following Trends

You’ll notice like most things, trends come and go and it’s no different in the design world. Graphic design can take influence from all kinds, be it an era from the 80s or the latest fad. Brands have to adapt over the years and keep in touch with their audience. Of course following trends doesn’t always suit every brand but we can still take inspiration from it and be mindful of the direction it’s going in.

2022 has brought some brave design trends which has no doubt broke design traditions. One of which is the ‘anti-design’ trend. You will of already seen snippets of this through interior design with the bare cement walls and exposed pipes. The trend embraces the unfinished, under construction, ugly and daring look. Going against the more traditional design techniques of polished work that is legible and user friendly. This is sure going to create conversations.

These styles tend to suit campaign led designs and used on billboards, posters, magazines or books. It wouldn’t be ideal to use something that looks ‘unfinished’ for a logo design. 

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