Why websites are important for any business

Here’s why I think websites are important for any business. A lot of people now rely on social media channels alone and a gmail account to run their business from. What they don’t realise is they could be missing out on potential leads and giving the wrong impression.


A website offers some reassurance that you are a legit, trading company. Obviously this isn’t always the case and that’s up to the potential customers to have their wits about them and check the site carefully. Here though you can have your companies registration number, VAT number etc. to give your viewers peace of mind.



I can almost guarantee you that if you have good competition and they have a website then that potential customer searching the web will choose your competitor over you if they have a website.




Fresh content on your site, like a blog or news page shows people you’re currently trading and taking the time to update your site with latest services/products etc.




No website, suggests you’re a small ‘one man band’, now I know there’s nothing wrong with that but if you’re more than that then shout about it. But even if you are just one person then shout about that too. Show your personality and brand through your website.



A website doesn’t have to be all singing and all dancing. It could literally be a one page site with a little about section, services and contact information. This is enough to give a better impression than no site at all. These one page websites don’t need to cost the earth.


Whilst I say it’s important to have a site, a bad site is almost or if not worse than having no site at all. There really is nothing worse than having a terribly designed site that’s hard to read or navigate through. So do spare that some thought. Make sure it’s modern, responsive on all devices and is SEO optimised.


It’s a chance to show brand consistency by linking your design style across social media, printed materials and your website. Again this will reiterate that you are a professional business that considers your brand image.


It’s your time to shout about your business and everything you do. There’s no other online channel that can show and tell your brands story better than your website. Share your companies start up story, do a meet the team page, shout about your services or products, create a blog with loads of fresh content, share your contact information.

If you’d like to discuss websites with me, please get in touch.

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