Marketing your brand is so important and often you may be doing it without realising. Free marketing may consist of branding up your vehicle and promoting your company on social media by creating organic posts (not paid for). 

To push your marketing to the next level you may consider digital advertising and paying for Google and social media adverts. With these you can really drill down into the specifics and target areas of the country/world, particular genders, ages, hobbies and even key words. These adverts can appear in google search (top of the list), on websites, youtube, email, facebook messengers, social media stories, mobile apps and more. 

Companies usually have a marketing strategy in place and that will determine when and what they promote throughout the year. Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Seasonal campaigns – Promote product, services or events during certain times of the year
  • Campaign – launch a new product, send out a are message to your consumers/clients
  • Generic promotion – continuous presence online promoting your company
  • Special offers or competitions

Other types of marketing

  • Promotional materials including flyers, brochures and posters
  • Freebies – giving away branded materials
  • Mail – sending out flyers, vouchers or freebies
  • E-marketing – branded and personalised emails
  • Roadside – bus stops, banners on railings
  • Newspaper/magazine adverts or PR stories
  • Sponsorship
  • Digital screens in shopping centres, sport facilities, football grounds
  • Using an influencer to promote the product/service through their personal channels